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Use yourname.instead of a hard to remember IP address or URL to access your computer remotely.Additionally, use our free dynamic DNS update client to keep track of your dynamic IP address. I knew this company when one of my friends looked for free dynamic DNS in 2012.Webcams are built into laptops and smart phones, as well as being sold individually.Webcams incorporated into other devices generally score pretty low in terms of video quality and versatility, so for most streaming purposes a stand-alone webcam is the better choice.The software has one very cool feature that allows you to see if other community members are watching your cam, so if they have their cam running you can go and watch them too.This site has versions in English German and Dutch, which is a nice make it work.The question then arises how to evaluate the many webcams on the market.

There are lots of streaming cams, some featuring people with their own chat rooms, some are views inside people’s houses showing the day to day goings on, and others are outside views.

When that’s the case, it makes sense to go that route, because it can save a lot of money on expensive high-end HDMI cameras and capture devices.

A capture device isn’t needed for a webcam, which is designed specifically for transmitting images over the Internet (hence the name).

You buy a new IP camera to secure your home, but you want to access the IP camera not only from local network, but also from Internet.

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Regardless, you are using static IP address or dynamic IP address, whatever it's an IP camera or a set of standalone DVR or network video recorder, DDNS can help you to access the network devices from anywhere with a simply domain name (sub-domain name).The first criterion is image resolution, measured in megapixels (Mp).