How to deal with intimidating

31-Oct-2016 03:39

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Ever since then, when I meet someone who spews out anger and negativity, it offers me a glimpse of how awful their internal experience of the world is.A person who is content and has peace of mind is very unlikely to project anger and bitterness on a regular basis.You then see these people as closer to your level, rather than them being on a pedestal and you feeling you're a walking example of lame, awkward unworthiness that's lucky to even be talking to them. If you know someone is mean-spirited or gossipy you're going to be on guard around them.Though sometimes we mistakenly think that everyone who dresses or acts a certain way is going to look down on us.The person who had come to talk to us explained that the aggressive and intimidating behaviour that we received most days from those held in Broadmoor was more about them than it was about us.She went on to explain that these negative behaviours were projections of inner misery and chaos.In every workplace, you will have difficult coworkers.

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As a Psychologist, I find it easy to look beyond the behaviour to the underlying reasons. Having said that, understanding the reasons doesn’t automatically make me like someone! When we come across an angry and unhappy person, many of us take this behaviour personally. I remember when I worked at Broadmoor Hospital, we would have supervision to help us cope with the various personalities we had to deal with.

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