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Men aren't all that interested in learning about you on a first date.Sell your products and services through our online marketplace, and let Pay Dot Com take care of the rest.They get replied to about three quarters of the time.It's pretty blanket."What Rudder is saying is that black users are only 75% as likely as white or Latino users to get positive feedback from other people on the site.That’s because your clothing will not distract from the simple elegance of your female figure.Here's another interesting difference between men and women.

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Our members area will allow you to track stats such as clicks, sales, and conversions. And the best part is I can be up and running in minutes and also reach out to a huge army of proven profit-pulling affiliates.

Asian men experience similar stats, though not Asian women.

Rudder compared his Ok Cupid data to stats from other sites like and Date Hookup.

But the data that we have, you know, black users get three quarters of the messages, the positive votes.

They're attractiveness rating are three quarters of an average white user, or Latino user for that matter.

We broke the story earlier this month Herjavec and his wife of nearly 25 years had separated and were heading for divorce.